What is the Cheers Affiliates Program?

Cheers Affiliates Program allows its participants to earn through intermediation in sales of Cheers premium dietary supplements.

Can anyone join the Cheers Affiliates Program?

Yes, anyone can join Cheers Affiliates Program. It’s free, all it takes is to register an account on the program’s website.

How to start earning?

Download the Cheers products marketing materials (banners, link, etc) and place in on your website. Partner’s commission depends on the total amount of purchases made by referred customers. The Partner’s task is to direct the customer to our online store using their referral link or by providing the potential customer with a discount code that is unique to each partner. It takes just a single purchase from the customer in our store and the Partner will be receiving profits from all the following purchases made by this customer.

Can I promote Cheers Affiliates Program without a website?

Yes, there are numerous ways for affiliate marketing. You can promote Cheers products through such channels as social media, buzz marketing, forums or offline channels.

How is the commission calculated?

The commission is calculated when the customer referred by the Partner (by a text link, banner, partner’s code) pays for his purchase and the order is shipped.

When will I receive my commission?

Payments in the Cheers Affiliates Program are made once a month.
Every time when you want to withdraw your commission – please contact us by e-mail. Minimum payment amount is 25 EUR.

What are the Cheers premium supplements?

Cheers supplements are unique on a global scale. They contain only the best, purest raw materials available. Cheers products are free from coloring agents, artificial fillers, flavouring agents, hardeners, glazing or anti-caking agents. You will find only the best ingredients here like natural, standardized herbal extracts. Simply clean label.

Where can I find marketing materials?

You can find all the marketing materials after logging in on your Cheers Partners account. You’ve got acces to all the necessary tools to promote Cheers in the top menu.

o „Your affiliate link is” – a link for promoting the store

o „Coupon code” – a code that the customers can use to receive a discount in the CHEERS online store.

Can I get my commission in the form of a discount for a purchase?

Yes. You can choose: payment or a discount code. For example, if the amount of your commission is 100 EUR, you can use this amount as a discount and buy Cheers supplements. Contact us by email to receive a one-time discount code that reduces the price of a product.

What is a coupon code?

It is a tool facilitating promotions and increased sales. If a customer enters it at checkout, they will receive a 15% discount on all their order’s amount. Additionally, thanks to using your code, he/she will be registered as your customer in the system and you will receive a commission for all the orders he/she makes. Each Partner has his own, unique code.

What validity period does the referral link have?

The referral link leaves a cookie file in the user’s browser which is valid for 31 days. This means that if the particular customer visits our store from your referral link and makes a purchase during 31 days, you will receive a lifetime commission.