Making money online – affiliate marketing

zarabianie w Internecie marketing afiliacyjny

The development of the Internet carries a number of benefits, also related to the development of alternative methods of earning money. Making money online is an extremely popular query in online search engines. In the article, we will reveal how to start making money online by affiliate marketing of Cheers best vitamins, minerals and premium supplements.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an internet marketing channel in which a partner (affiliate) is rewarded for the activity of a referral client to an advertiser. Partners (affiliates) are rewarded only for the effect of their actions. Affiliate marketing is largely based on the fact that an affiliate with, for example, Internet traffic through the advertiser’s affiliate program (using for example advertiser’s marketing materials) redirects customers to the advertiser’s website. There are many models of salary settlement between the partner (affiliate) and the advertiser.

Affiliate marketing – compensation methods

Below are a few definitions of the settlement methods used in affiliate marketing.

CPC (cost per click) – publisher earns when his user clicks on the ad/link.

CPM (cost per mille) – publisher receives a commission for every 1000 ad impressions. The number of clicks is not important. This type of billing is currently very rare due to the small benefits for advertisers.

CPA (cost per action) – the publisher earns when the user performs a certain action on the advertiser/seller’s site, e.g. read the article, like the advertiser’s Facebook page, etc.

CPL (cost per lead)  – the commission is charged when the user fills out the registration form on the landing page or provides his contact details in a different way. It is now a very popular way of settling in performance marketing (effect-oriented).

CPS (cost per sale) – the commission is charged for each sale on the advertiser’s website. This billing method generates the highest commissions and is recommended for products with high margins. The CPS model also allows you to generate passive income. CPS method is the most used compensation method in Cheers Affiliates.

CPS + CPA (so-called hybrid) – a combination of CPS and CPA methods. The affiliate receives % of generated sales and usually a small fixed amount for the acquisition of the customer.

Cheers Affiliates offers flexible methods of commissions for partners, but the dominant model is the CPS model most often chosen by experienced partners. Partners of Cheers Affiliates receive a lifetime commission on the purchase of registered customers – 40% commission for 3 months from registration and up to 30% permanently after promotional period.


The partner promotes Cheers products in the CPS model.

The customer makes a purchase for 200 euro.

The partner’s commission is 40%. Due remuneration = 80 euro.

How to start earning money with Cheers Affiliates?

Starting an activity in most affiliate programs will not require us to do more than dedicate a few minutes to complete the registration form by joining an affiliate program.

After registration, we get access to the Partner Program panel. The Cheers Affiliates panel gives the partner many possibilities:

Register at Cheers Affiliates and get a 40% commission for 3 months

About Cheers

CHEERS products are the best vitamins, minerals and premium supplements available on the market. 17 language versions, local payment methods, a wide selection of advertising materials – promote CHEERS products globally and earn premium supplements.

About Cheers Affiliates

Cheers Affiliates is an affiliate program of the manufacturer of premium supplements – the Cheers brand. Cheers Affiliates offers lifetime commissions, flexible settlement methods, timely payments and dedicated support for the partner from the first day of cooperation.